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Yes, it is an off off year for elections, but what happens today is a good bellwether for what will happen in the midterm elections in 2018.

There was some concern that the Democrats might not do too well. Polls in some states were very close. But it looks like Democrats have done very very well, and this spells very bad news for Trump and Trumpism.

Perhaps the closest watched race was the Virginia governor race between Democrat Ralph Northam and Republican Ed Gilliespie. But Northam not only one, but he won by a huge margin, 9 points. Again, Gilliespie ran on Trump values and policies. On the last few weeks of his campaign, he even talked a lot about conserving Confederate monuments. Steve Bannon gave an interview virtually praising Gilliespie and how his “victory” would confirm everything about Trump’s brand of politics. Virginia went very deep blue, almost electing a Democratic majority for their state legislature (it looks like it will be a 50/50 split — 5 races area close enough for a recount. But even that means that Dems have virtually erased a 32 seat advantage in the VA House).

And 88 nights ago, white supremacists marched with torches in Virginia. Tonight, Virginia elected Justin Fairfax its second African-American lieutenant governor.

Elsewhere New York City Mayor are Democrat Bill DeBlasio won a second term and there is now a Democratic governor of New Jersey, replacing Chris Christie.

Maine voted to expand Medicare under ObamaCare.

Hoboken has a Sikh mayor.

The first black mayor in Montana history (Go Helena!)

Closer to home, Democrat Vi Lyles easily defeated Republican Kenny Smith on Tuesday to become Charlotte’s first African-American female mayor.

And here’s something sweet: Danica Roem (D) has defeated 26-year Del. Bob Marshall (R) in HD13 in Virginia, becoming the first transgender person elected to VA’s state legislature. Marshall was one of the authors of Virginia’s anti-transgender bathroom bill and proudly called himself a homophobe.

One caveat: If you’re looking at Virginia, the counties that were pro-Trump in 2016 were very hard Gillespie. He still has pull where he has pull. But the anti-Trump pull proved to be even stronger in the counties that went against Trump in 2016.

UPDATE: Fox News Went 100 Minutes Tuesday Night Without Discussing the Republican Loss in Virginia – read the story

UPDATE 2: Like an old guy reliving the time he caught the touchdown pass in high school….

I don’t think he is taking these election results well.