Bannon On The Run

Ken AshfordL'Affaire Russe, Trump & AdministrationLeave a Comment

Steve Bannon has more free time:

President Donald Trump has removed Steve Bannon, his chief strategist, from the National Security Council, according to a filing in the federal registry. A top White House official told NBC News that Bannon was put on the NSC’s Principals’ Committee only as a check against then-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. Now that Flynn is gone, Bannon is no longer needed in that role, the official said.

Rrrriiiiiiight. ¬†Flynn left on February 14, so, you know, that reason isn’t very good.

Also it begs a BIG question: why did the White House think that Flynn needed a “check” anyway? If he was a security risk, why was he (Flynn) on the NSC at all?