No, Greta Van Susteran Is Not The “Smart” One At Fox News

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The last paragraph of the article she links to:

Though the encounter took place more than 10 months ago, New Horizons is still beaming flyby data home, and likely won’t be done doing so until this coming fall, mission team members have said.

Space, it turns out, is very big.  Pluto is far away — very far away, more than 30 times Earth’s distance from the Sun — so New Horizons’ radio signal is weak. Weak signal means low data rates: at the moment, New Horizons can transmit at most 1 kilobit per second. (Note that spacecraft communications are typically measured in bits, not bytes; 1 kilobit is only 125 bytes.) Even at these low data rates, only the Deep Space Network’s very largest, 70-meter dishes can detect New Horizons’ faint signal.

Not hard to find this out if you know how to use Google, or even read your source material, Greta.