Gravitational Waves Discovered

Ken AshfordScience & Technology1 Comment

You never know…. maybe they will be important some day.

Anyway, 91 tears ago, Einstein proposed that there was such a thing as gravitational waves, which are basically ripples in space-time.

Yeah, sounds like Star Trek.

But see, two black holes crashed into each other. One black hole had the mass of 29 suns; the other was the equivalent of 36 suns, although both were about 91 miles in diameter.  That’s dense.

And they crashed into each other at half the speed of light.  About 1.5 billion years ago… producing, wait for it, gravitational waves which were observed on September 14, 2015, scientists announced today.  The waves were less than a proton in width.

What have you discovered today?

UPDATE: A tutorial —