Crosstabulation on Crazy

Ken AshfordElection 2016, Polls1 Comment

Democratic firm Public Policy Polling released a survey that found 32 percent of Republican primary voters believed the government was trying to take over Texas under the guise of the U.S. military’s planned “Jade Helm 15” training exercise. Forty percent of GOP primary voters did not believe the federal government was trying to take control of the Lone Star state while 28 percent were unsure, according to the survey.

Before you have time to contemplate the horror that only 40% of voting Republicans reject the conspiracy theory of a military takeover of Texas…. let’s crosstabulate that data with the GOP candidates to find out who the crazies gravitate to:


It looks like Scott Walker is far and away the favorite of the nutjobs, although he polls well with the reasonable Republicans.  Ted Cruz seems to have the largest insane-to-sane ratio, as does Rick Perry (although the latter polls pretty low all around).  It would be nice if Fiorina was in the picture, but oh well.