New Blog To Be Witness To The End of the World

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It’s been a month since I last wrote anything for the web. I am shutting down my previous blog, The Seventh Sense, and trying something new, here, reformatted and up-to-date with the latest blogging technology.

The Ashford Zone picks up where The Seventh Sense  left off, albeit a month later (and, If I can figure it out, with all of The Seventh Sense archives intact).  In that short month’s time, it appears that the end of the world is upon us.  The new insane Muslim enemy — ISIS — makes al Quaeda look like a day school for charming children.  And Ebola has come to the United States.  One dead in Dallas.  The CDC assured us that would be it… until a nurse who was treating the Dallas patient fell ill with the virus.

On the positive side, same-sex marriage very quickly and surprisingly came to the state of North Carolina, where I live.  And suddenly, almost unnoticed, the great civil rights issue of my lifetime came and went.  Extremely odd.

And the Red Sox, after taking the World Series last year, finished dead last in their division this year.  Extremely disappointing.

It’s been that kind of a blogging hiatus.

And that’s where I find myself as I venture forward.  Looking at the end.  Maybe.

Come join me!  It’ll be fun!!