No Danger At All

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So a bunch of children from Central America are trying to enter this country, and of course, the right wing is throwing fit because 'Merica.

The real issue is whether they are seeking asylum from persecution, in which case we have to, by law, let them into the country.  As opposed to them just being some lazy Spanish types who are trying to cross our borders to vote for Democrats (as the Republicans fear).

U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich and others have said that the unaccompanied children entering the United States hope to escape gang violence and drug dealers in their native land.

Well, a couple of GOP House members decided to find out for themselves.  Congressman Steve Pearce and a seven-member working group from the U.S. House of Representatives visited Guatemala and Honduras over the weekend.  And guess what?

They came to the conclusion that the reason the kids fled was because of economic reasons.  Here's the article that says so.

And here's the money quote from the article:

Pearce said he and the rest of the House delegation that visited Honduras and Guatemala did not venture from their hotel very often because of the dangers, but the message they received in both countries was consistent: "Send back our children."

Right. It's much too dangerous for God fearing Real Americans to venture out into the streets but little kids are wily and quick and they can slither out of the grasp of the violent criminals who want to kidnap, torture and kill them. Anyway, it's character building.

So send em back.  </sarcasm>