Hashtag Activism and Nigerian Girls

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I’m not a huge fan of hashtag activism.  I think it is cool and all, but I don’t think it is the panacea for all the world’s problems, like some others.

I mean, if there’s a shooter on campus, Twitter can be helpful.  Or, as shown in the last week, it can bring the world’s attention to a tragic, but finite, problem, like a couple of hundred Nigerian schoolgirls begin kidnapped by a terrible warlord to be sold as “brides”.

But it can’t, you know, help with bigger issues like, say, global warming.

No matter.  Credit where credit is due.  Good on Twitter and the #BringBackOurGirls hashtag for moving the mainstream media, and ultimately, the various governments of the world to bring pressure on Nigeria to, you know, not stand there idly by why its young girls get abducted and raped and so forth.

That said, Ann Coulter is a terrible human being for this: 

Fortunately, this: