Megyn vs. Jon: What Color Is Santa?

Ken AshfordWar On ChristmasLeave a Comment

Santa Claus is not real, so he can be any color anybody wants him to be.

But this didn't sit well with Fox News Megyn Kelly:



After the controversy came to a boil, Kelly tried to dismiss her attitude in the segment:

"In kicking off the light-hearted segment, I offered a tongue-in-cheek message for any kids watching, saying that Santa — who I joked was a real person whose race was identifiable — is white," Kelly said. "Humor is a part of what we try to bring to this show, but sometimes, that is lost on the humorless." She then lambasted her critics for failing to get the joke.

No, you weren't.  You were totally serious, Kelly.

When a child says terrible racist things, and then says "I was only kidding", it's reprehensible.  But coming from someone who claims to be a "news journalist"?

There are no words.