Homeland Review As We Step Into Season Three

Ken AshfordPopular CultureLeave a Comment

Yeah, I don't know what the writers are thinking.  I like Dana as a charactor, but to make this season about teenage runaways?  Well, that's a different show.  The success of Homeland, Season One, was that you didn't know who to trust in a show about international terrorism.  And that was awesome.  When it started to become a show about the Carrie-Brody romance, it started to lose its shine.  Thankfully, we're not dealing with the Carrie-Brody romance anymore, but now we have to watch Brody's daughter and some crazed ne'er-do-well troubled teen?  Why?

As for Carrie — well, we had a nice twist which meant that Saul did not throw her under a bus.  That was nice, except it sort of retroactively changes how we felt about poor Carrie being involuntarily stuck in that hospital.  Not so involuntary, so we don't have the sympathy we once had.

Great acting by Claire Danes is keeping this show alive for me with her biploar tenseness, but if they season doesn't turn around soon, I may abandon this show.