Who’s Right?

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This is on the cusp of going viral, so weigh in.

Backstory: GTA V (that's "Grand Theft Auto V") was released, and a lot of people had pre-ordered it from places like Gamestop.  At midnight of the release which was two days ago, people lined up at Gamestop (and other places) to get their reserved copy.

So this one guy was asked to show his ID that he was over 18 (because the game is rated M for "Mature").  In the video, he's pretty clearly over 18.  He doesn't have his ID, but he shows his business card.  The women behind the counter and Gamestop gives him a hard time, but apparently lets him have the game.  

He's not happy with the way he is treated.  He leaves the store, comes back and asks for the woman's name.  She goads the other customers into making fun of him.

At least that's how it looks like to me.  You be the judge:


Even though the YouTube video talks about "nerd rage" (poking fun at the customer), I would say that the comments on YouTube, on Gamestop's Facebook site, and other places are about 90% against the female Gamestop employee.

Most of the comments say something like: "Sometimes you have to deal with difficult people in customer service.  That's part of the job.  Being rude to them and mocking them, however, is not the proper way to respond.  This woman should be fired."

Gamestop has tweeted that it is investigating the matter.

NOTE: There is a comment at the YouTube site, which may or may not be true, saying that the woman was fin fact ired:

I work for GS in the LA area. I am happy to report to all of you that this bitch has been fired as of today. She was a cunt to work for, and trust me when I say that we are all happy that she is gone. Also, she has done worse than just this. Just last year she was under investigation for fudging the numbers in her books because money and games were coming up missing. She talked her way out of it and pegged it on an innocent girl who just killed herself this past May. Burn in hell´╗┐ Chrys.