White Mans’ Paradise Ruined By Gubmint Intervention

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Sigh.  It's so hard to be a bigot these days:

BISMARK, N.D. – An order giving white supremacist Craig Cobb five days to come up with a plan for installing running water and a sewer outlet into his home in Leith expired Monday and it’s possible the house could be declared uninhabitable.

The order was written by the Custer District Health Unit’s environmental health practitioner Aaron Johnson, who said Cobb owns two other structures in town that possibly will be removed next month.

Johnson said Cobb was given time to show the health unit that he will have potable water in his home and a way to remove it to a sewer outlet and since he hasn’t, the home could be declared uninhabitable.

Cobb, a hate crimes fugitive, has said he buys bottled water from Wal-Mart for washing and Johnson said he believes he may be using an old outhouse on his property.

Johnson said he can issue an order declaring the home uninhabitable, or it's possible the matter could wind up in court, depending on advice from the unit's attorney.

"I don't know how the situation will progress, but the notice has expired and there is no extension," Johnson said.

Because of other complaints, Custer District started looking at vacant and nuisance properties in Leith before Cobb announced his plans to take over the community with other white supremacists and run the town's government.

The town was the scene of a protest Sunday, when some 350 people showed up to rally in support of Leith on the same day the commander of a national pro-white organization held a town hall meeting there.

Besides Cobb's home, Johnson said an abandoned creamery adjacent to Cobb's property, owned by Cobb, and a small house that Cobb is apparently selling to a Wisconsin man are in the process of being condemned.

Johnson said nine other Leith properties — some structures and some piles of junked cars and wood — are under similar abatement orders and the city plans to move toward removing all of them in mid-October.

Cobb did not respond for this story.