Shooters in Washington Navy Yard

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Terrible unfolding of events.

First it was a lone gunman, and nobody wounded.

WaPo is now saying it is three gunman and several are dead….


Hmmm… sounds like bad info.  Nobody else is saying more than one shooter.

And reporting from police scanners?  Stoopid.

UPDATE at 11:48 a.m. - Still much confusion.  Latest is that there is one shooter, now dead.  Although I've seen two shooters, both dead.  And I've seen 4 dead victims, but also 4 non-dead victims.

So who knows?

UPDATE at 12:35 pm - Apparently one shooter.  Now it gets political.  Pro-gun people enthusiastically point out that the Washington Navy Yard is a gun-free zone.  (A) I don't know if that's true and (B) I don't know if that makes any difference.  The assumption is that if it is NOT a gun-free zone, everyone is packing and the shooter didn't have the element of surprise?

UPDATE at 2:50pm – Apparently 12 dead.  Including the shooter.  Oy.  Possible other shooters, some say.