Emmy Winners

Ken AshfordPopular Culture2 Comments

I didn't see the Emmys, and for a change, I actually wanted to.  I thought the match-ups were amazing, and it is really interesting to see how TV has changed in just two years.  A lot of people are watching the shows by streaming them — some nominated shows — like House of Cards or this season's Arrested Development could only be seen via streaming (Netflix).

Then, of course, you had stellar shows and performances.

Here are a few of my thoughts:

(1)  Breaking Bad wins best drama series.  Well, it had to, right?  So many people are calling it the best series ever made for television, and while its first few seasons didn't warrent that praise, it certainly has an overall claim to the title.  Which means it should have one Emmy for Best Series under its belt.  I don't think this last season is its best season (that would be season four), so this is like a Lifetime Acheivement Award.  But well-deserved in some VERY heavy competition: Downton Abbey, PBS; Homeland, Showtime; Game of Thrones, HBO; House of Cards, Netflix; Mad Men, AMC.  All classics.

(2)  Last decade's comedies didn't do so well.  Nothing for Arrested Development's revival season.  Nothing for The Office.  One writing award for 30 Rock.  All those shows on regular network TV, all taking a bow.  

(3)  Bob  Even though it wasn't broadcast on the regular Emmys, how cool is it that Bob Newhart won his first Emmy?  Although not trained as an actor, his shows were staples for many years, and I love his acting style.

(4)  Series vs Mini-series: This needs to be explained to me.  Why are Jessica Lange and Laura Linney (Ameican Horror Story and The Big C) in mini-series, while Claire Danes is in a series (Homeland)?  What's the difference  - like, two episodes?

(5)  People I'm glad they won:

Jeff Daniels for Best Actor in a Drama Series - Talk about tough competition!   Hugh Bonneville, Downton Abbey or Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad or Jon Hamm, Mad Men or Damian Lewis, Homeland or Kevin Spacey, House of Cards?  Holy crap!  Daniels must be walking on air right now.  However, he was indeed very good and deserving.  So I won't call it a "surprise".

Michael Douglas for Lead Actor in a Miniseries - Playing Liberace was such a departure for him and he really pulled it off in a way that made me uncomfortable.  Damon was good and deserving of the nomination, but Douglas had it all the way.

Bobby Carnivale for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series - Like Jeff Daniels, this was a tough bracket.  I've never seen Broadway Empire, but I've seen Carnivale, and he's an amazing actor.  So I'm not surprised he won, even though I feel bad for his Breaking Bad competition Jonathan Banks and Aaron Paul, as well as for Jim Carter, Downton Abbey, my man Peter Dinklage, Game of Thrones, and Mandy Patinkin, Homeland.

At least Anna Gunn from Breaking Bad got a win for Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.  This was her best season, I thought.  Also, yay for Claire Danes of Homeland for Best Actress in a Drama Series.  It's a great role and she played it even better in Season Two.

Pleased about Louis C.K.: Oh My God for Best Variety Special (although there's not much "variety" in comedy specials).

And finally, I knew Merrit Weaver (Best Supporting Actress for a Comedy Series, Nurse Jackie) would go places.  She had a very very small part as Matt's assistant in the old Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, but she had a way about her that — well — made me notice her and think she would go places.  She had a kind of unforced subtlety and complete (or perhaps convincing) unawareness that she is on camera which I found interesting.  I never knew what happened to her after Sunset Strip closed up after one season.  Now I do.  So yay for her.