Town Hall Follies

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The nice thing about when Congress is out of session, is that Congresscritters go back to their constitutents and have town halls, and then we get good stuff like this.  This is Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-OK), fielding questions at the event in Afton, Oklahoma.  And a woman asks him about Obama's qualifications.

That's right.  There are still people who STILL believe that Obama was not born in the United States.  The old tired birth certificate trope.  Now, the Congressmen tries to persuade the woman that it is a losing argument (while saying he "agrees with it" – oy!), causing the women to leave in disgust (after presenting a 71 page affidavit from Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio claiming that the birth certificate is forged).

Good times.


Mullin is the second House Republican to endorse birtherism just this week.