Better People Than Me

Ken AshfordHealth Care1 Comment

Caleb Howe is a writer for the rightwing blog RedState.  And he's one of those bloggers — a pure hater.

Take, for example, how he laid into Roger Ebert for no apparent reason other than he disagreed with Ebert.


That's only a small sample.

Howe loves being that way.  He prides himself being that way.

True, he did eventually apologize (sort of) for his Ebert tweets.  But the incident was noted.  In Esquire magazine, writer Chris Jones noted:

Yes, Caleb Howe is more famous than he was last week, but he's famous for being a person who doesn't know whether he should introduce himself to strangers at parties, just in case, and he's famous for his allegiance to the very thing that Roger has already stomped again and again: Caleb Howe, for whatever unfathomable reason, has sided with cancer.

That was all back in May 2010.

Why am I writing about this?

Because Caleb Howe has liver cancer.  And he needs your help.

Cancer's not so funny now is it Caleb?

RedState put out a call for help — Caleb has no health insurance and is facing huge medical bills.  To their credit, the big lefty sites joined in: Daily Kos and Think Progress among them.  If so inclined, you might want to help as well.

But while I hope for Caleb and his family that he recovers fully, I'm not above inserting politics into this matter.  Hopefully Caleb, a strong opponent of Obamacare, will realize that the only reason he can hope to pay his bills is because he is a minor celebrity in the blogosphere, and from that celebrity he can get charitable donations.  However, most people aren't celebrities of any sort, and nobody should have to hold a bake sale to pay their hospital bills.  

End of story.