Defender of Second Amendment Taunts Father Of Killed Girl, Gets Tasered

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I'm not a big fan of police tasering citizens, but in this case, I'm happy to make an exception.

This all went down in Concord, New Hampshire (my home town).

John Cantin's daughter Melissa was shot and killed by her estranged husband in Manchester, NH in 2009. John was also shot, but he survived. John refused to be silenced. Instead, he bravely continued to share his daughter's story and call for common-sense legislation to reduce gun violence.  

Yesterday, he spoke for gun control at a rally in Concord, staged by Mayros Against Illegal Guns.  And that's where he was taunted by a heckler named Danial Musso.   Musso was part of a counter-rally staged by Gun Rights Across America.

As Cantin spoke, just moments after delivering the names of the dead to Sen. Ayotte, Musso began to get agitated. “Why are you shaking talking about this?” WMUR-TV, which had a reporter on the scene, quoted him as saying. “You’re not the truth!” The Concord Monitor added that he kept asking Cantin to elaborate on what kind of gun was used to kill his daughter. “A pellet gun, a machine gun – what kind of gun, sir?”

Here's the video:


Here’s what happened next, according to the local news:

After numerous interjections, Musso [the heckler] decided to walk away, but Concord police had been called. When officers began talking to him, Musso initiated physical contact with police, [local reporter] Sexton said.

Officers struggled to subdue Musso for about a minute and a half, Sexton said, before they had to use a stun gun on him.

More video:



Even Eric Reed, president of Gun Rights Across America, one of the organizations that staged the counter-rally, said last night that Musso’s conduct had been “out of line.”