Repubicans Put Out A “Yes” Ad

Ken AshfordCongress, RepublicansLeave a Comment

This is pretty bizarre.


For those of you who can't play video, it is an ad from the National Repubican Senatorial Committee.  The thrust of it can be summed up from this narration within the ad:

"It might not always seem like it, but we say yes a lot. We say yes on jobs for you. On opportunity. We say yes on the future. It's what we do — to make things better. By saying yes. A simple word, a powerful concept."

Now, there are several intersting things about this ad, but probably the most interesting is that the Republicans see the need for it in the first place.  They've been branded as the party of "No" and apparently their focus groups are telling them that the "Party of no" perception has taken root.

Of almost equal interest to me is the extremely lame push-back.  They say yes, they claim, and to back that up, they say "we say yes on jobs for you, on opportunity, we say yes on the future."

That's it?  Those are the best examples?  "We say 'yes" to the future"?  Good to know that you're the party of not destroying the world today.  I think I'll vote for you.

I hope someone has the time to take this ad and run subtitles over it to show all the things Senate Republicans have voted "no" to.  Including preventing gun violence, health care, economic growth, climate change, education, civil rights, reproductive rights, infrastructure investments, Wall Street safeguards, diplomacy, and allowing the president to choose members of his own administrative team. Much of the party is also reluctant to "say yes" to immigration reform and judicial nominees, too.

Do Republicans think this ad will change perceptions?  Are Americans really that stupid?