Observation on the IRS “Scandal”

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I'm too lazy to back with up with links, but it seems to me that the GOP should just give up trying to implcate Obama in the IRS targetting "scandal".

Last week, they tried to make the argument that Obama told the IRS to target for scrutiny certain right-wing organizations.

Unfortunately, there was nothing to back that up, and it seems that Obama wasn't aware of it until he heard of the IG investigation of it last month.

NOW the Republicans are trying to "get" Obama by saying he failed to step in when he should have.  I'm not sure how that was supposed to work — upon hearing of the internal investigation last month, Obama was supposed to step in and interfere with it?  He was supposed to "do something" based on things that the investigation hadn't concluded on?

UPDATE – Steven Benen at The Maddow Blog agrees with me:

But I remain fascinated by the ever-changing trajectory of the allegations, which have quickly become incoherent.

Phase One: Maybe the Obama White House gave orders to the IRS!

Phase Two: We demand to know why the Obama White House didn't give orders to the IRS!

Phase Three: The president must have known what was going on at the IRS!

Phase Four: We demand to know why the president didn't know what was going on at the IRS!

Phase Five: Never mind all that other stuff, maybe the president ordered IRS audits on Republicans!

Look, this is getting a little silly. If Republicans want the American mainstream to see this as a legitimate "scandal," they're going to have to get their story straight. Because at this point, listening to the White House's GOP critics get increasingly confused about details they should understand by now is getting a little tiresome.