Google Honors Cesar Chavez Birthday, Which Happens To Fall on Easter; Cue Rightwing Mind Explosion

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It wouldn't be Easter without a massive right wing freakout, and today's rage meme is directed at Google because their front page "Doodle" is currently celebrating the birthday of Latino American civil rights hero Cesar Chavez.

As someone who organized immigrant farm workers, Chavez is a natural target for the right wing. He neatly encapsulates everything they hate: poor people, immigrants, and organized labor. enfant terrible Ben Shapiro leads the wingnut Christian charge, even though he's not even a Christian: HAPPY EASTER: GOOGLE CELEBRATES CESAR CHAVEZ'S BIRTH!!!

Currently with more than 700 comments just boiling with anger and racism.

At Michelle Malkin's rage dispenser, they're collecting outraged tweets from dumb wingnuts obsessed with being victimized, many of whom don't understand the difference between Cesar Chavez and deceased Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez: Google Celebrates Easter With … Cesar Chavez Birthday Tribute.

Currently with more than 800 comments boiling with anger and racism and conspiracy theories.

One reason the wingnut masses are confusing Cesar with Hugo:'s original post did it too: 15 People Who Think Google Is Honoring Hugo Chávez.

Another holiday, another huge self-beclowning by the right wing blogs and media.

This dumb fake outrage is also at The Daily Caller: Google Honors Cesar Chavez on Easter | the Daily Caller.

And the Dumbest Man on the Internet has to get in on this rage meme too: Google Gets Religion – Honors Cesar Chavez on Easter | the Gateway Pundit.

And of course, Glenn "Instapundit" Reynolds is also in there, stoking the fury: Instapundit » Blog Archive » GOOGLE CELEBRATES EASTER IN THEIR OWN SPECIAL WAY: "While two billion Christians around the worl…

I give you: the world's biggest nonsensical echo chamber of right wing victimhood.

Happy Easter, everyone!