Everything You Wanted To Know About “Blog About Howard Co State’s Atty Day”

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(1) A blogger named Aaron Walker (aka Aaron Worthing) got into Internet flame wars with a bunch of other people, so he decided to sue them for harassment and other related charges, in the state where they live… in Maryland.  Walker lives in Virginia.

(2)  Walker's lawsuits were laughed out of Maryland court on several occasions.

(3)  The people he sued had the audacity to show up in court to defend the cases and support each other.  Aaron deemed this to be stalkerish, and complained to the Howard County (MD) State Attorney Jim Brewer.

(4)  According to Walker, state attorney Jim Brewer told him, "if you are so concerned for your safety, don’t come to Maryland."

(5)  Clearly, in saying this, Jim Brewer was pointing out a flaw in Walker's perpetual cries of victimization.  That is, Brewer was simply saying, "If these people are a problem for you, why are you coming into Maryland to antagonize them?  Why not just stay in Virginia and go about your life?"

(6)  But due to his remarkable un-selfawareness, Walker thought that Brewer was stating an admission-against-interest, i.e., that Brewer was admitting that Maryland is an unsafe place.

(7)  So now Walker, who apparently can't keep a job because he's too busy fighting meaningless Internet wars, is starting a lame crusade for everyone to "Blog about Howard Bounty State's Attorney" today.

(8) Which I just did.  As did a whole dozen others.

That's three minutes of your life you'll never get back.