Not Following Reibus’s Advice

Ken AshfordCongress, RepublicansLeave a Comment

Just a week ago, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus was talking to Politico about how his party "has divorced itself from the American culture," and he hopes to change that. Priebus specifically talked about the pointless rhetorical shots at President Obama who does care about the culture: "[We] would make fun of the president for going on 'The View' — and you've heard me say these things — you know, talking hoops for half an hour on ESPN. That's where a lot of America is at, and I think we've got to get with it."

It appears Republicans are choosing to ignore Priebus' suggestion.


It's worth noting that spending bills originate in the House, not the White House. So this talk about "White House budgets" is nonsense from the beginning. Those "budgets" that the White House comes up with  don't have the force of law. They are just blueprints for negotiations over actual appropriations bills. And remember, those are Constitutionally tasked to the House.

In short, this is their way to try and get Obama to own entitlement cuts that they themselves are pushing for. The White House doesn't need to fall for that nonsense.