The Viral Eyeroll

Ken AshfordObama OppositionLeave a Comment

So here it is…. Michelle Obama responding with an eyeroll to something Boehner says to Obama:


How RUDE, screams the always-victimized rightwing chattering class.

However, according to the expert professional lip-reader team at Entertainment Tonite, chain-smoker John Boehner asks professed ex-smoker President Obama if he ‘had a chance to catch a smoke’… and then adds ‘hah, sooooomebody wouldn’t let you’.

Under those circumstances, Anne Laurie defends the eyeroll:

As the female half of a long-term couple, let me assure you that Couple Etiquette under such conditions not only allows but requires an eyeroll on the part of the spouse. Failing to do so would indicate that one was deliberately ignoring Boehner’s roughly joke-shaped jape, and that would be rude, which our First Lady never is.