NRA Launches Ad Calling Obama An “Elitist Hypocrite”

Ken AshfordGun Control, Obama OppositionLeave a Comment

WHY is Obama an "elistist hypocrite"?  Because HIS daughters go to school with armed guards protecting them, and YOUR kids can't.  Watch:


Yes… how DARE Obama act like he's something special, like he holds a position of importance, like his kids are obvious and unique targets for terrorists and, uh, gun nuts and therefore require special protection.  Who does Obama think he is????  President?!?

This ad shows that the NRA is either full of crazy people, or they intentionally cater to crazy people, because their argument simply falls flat as a piece of logic.  This is meant to fan the flames of Obama-hatred — it has nothing to do with protecting children.

UPDATE:  An NRA spokesperson told reporters this morning, "Whoever thinks the ad is about President Obama's daughters are missing the point completely." Of course, it was the NRA that released an ad about President Obama's daughters.

The spot also throws in a line about Obama wanting the wealthy "paying their fair share" in taxes. Why? I don't know; I've misplaced my crazy-to-English decoder ring.