“Gun Rights” Doesn’t Mean That Guns Have Rights

Ken AshfordConstitution, Gun ControlLeave a Comment

Thanks to the Second Amendment and some recent (bad) Supreme Court decisions, it is the state of the law that gun ownership is a constitutionally-protected right (albeit with some as-yet-defined limitations).

But some NRA members don't get that:

Todd Rathner, an Arizona lobbyist and national board member of the National Rifle Association, has threatened to sue over the city of Tucson's gun buyback, NPR reportedWednesday

On Tuesday, Tucson police accepted guns from members of the public in exchange for $50 Safeway gift cards. Police will destroy the claimed guns. Outgoing Republican state Sen. Frank Antenori and others held a rival buyback a stone's throw away, offering cash for guns.

Rathner told NPR that the NRA will ask for a full accounting of the city's claimed guns and go to court to stop them from being destroyed. "We do believe that it is illegal for them to destroy those guns," he said.

Wait, what?

It's illegal to destroy a gun legally purchased?

This moron apparently things that guns have a right to "life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness".  And melting down a gun is murder.

Crazy people.