Where Does The Republican Party Go From Here?

Ken AshfordRepublicansLeave a Comment

The GOP is hurting.  It's been pulled too far to the right by the Tea Party.  

Although they never had the black vote, they DID have a pretty solid Hispanic vote.  Not anymore.  They need to reach out again to the growing Hispanic community.  Check this out:

And women.  Particularly single women.  Unmarried and divorced.  The image of a woman as Harriet to a male Ozzie is nice, but most adult women do not fit that image.  And many don't even aspire to it.  So the GOP has to get off its high horse about women, and it could do so without pissing off the pro-lifers.

Put bluntly — and this is a bit of cliche but it's true — the GOP cannot survive as the party of white men.  It has to expand itself — to understand and address the issues of women, minority races, and gays.  (Ironically, I think there already is movement in the GOP for acceptance of gay marriage).

But that means cutting of the Tea Party types, and I don't see them going away quietly into the night.  Because you will always have that element that says "But Mitt was a MODERATE from MASSACHUSETTS!  Now if we only ran a REAL conservative…."

I tend to think, however, that those voices will not prevail.  In fact, expect the next GOP presidential ticket to include a Hispanic.  Yes, you heard it here first.