What Is It With Republicans And Calling Something Terror?

Ken AshfordElection 2012, Obama Opposition, War on Terrorism/Torture1 Comment

So Romney had a chance to screw Obama on Benghazi, but he blew it.  He decided to make it about when Obama called it an "act of terror" and he got his facts wrong, and he looked really really really stupid.  Obama did in fact call Benghazi an act of terror the very next morning after the attack happened, in the Rose Garden speech.

Now Republicans have a new tack.  Peter King is whining because Obama took 4 minutes to say the word “terror” in his Rose Garden remarks:

"I'm going to use my words very carefully. I think the president's conduct and his behavior on this issue has been shameful. And, first of all, as far as it being an act of terror, the president was almost four minutes into his statement on September 12th before he mentioned an act of terror…. It wasn't until he was well into the remarks."

Oh for crying out loud.

Why does this matter that we label the obvious… and that we do it within (what?) 30 seconds?

When an ambassador and three other Americans die inside a building because an RPG has blasted through the walls, I don't need to be told it was an "act of terror" (as opposed to what — an accident??).  Certainly the President doesn't need to tell us that, and it's not a scandal if he fails to do so.  Unless you're an idiot who needs to be told that.