Absolutely-Real Not-At-All Fake Video Of Ann Dunham Giving Birth To Barack Obama

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Here it is.  Proof!  Absolutely proof that Obama was indeed born in Kenya.


 Here's the story behind to absolutely-real not-at-all-fake video.

And you can tell it's real because filming births on Super 8 film was so commonplace in 1961.

Also, the medical chart (right next to a Kenyan flag) conveniently says that the Woman giving birth is Ann Dunham.  Oh sure, you would expect that, in 1961, she would have gone by her married name, Ann Obama, but that just shows how dumb you are.


And of course on that medical chart, at the very end of the film, you can see that the Kenyan hospital had access to Ann Dunham's high school yearbook photo, as any Kenyan hospital would.

But the thing that really makes this video absolutely-real and not-at-all-fake is that fact that Ann Dunham gives birth to a very gargantuan and somewhat confused baby Obama, who emerges in a slightly damp state from her vajayjay, umbilical cord not needed.  And like the future leader that he is, Baby Barack is alert, ready to read books, and perhaps shoot a view hoops after being smothered underneath his mother's skirt.

The ball is in your court, Mr. Obama.