What Christians Are Mad At Today

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The ad appeared on the soft drink's official Facebook page Thursday afternoon.

And that's when the Krazy Kristian Kommando's revved up the rage machine, leaving comments.


Actually, there are old atheists.  

But thanks for the threat!


No, Shan.  Scientists are not still debating the theory.  Kirk Cameron is trying to engage scientists in a debate, but the scientists are all like, "Weren't you an actor on Punky Brewster or something?  Please get out of my office."

As for your question, "Are apes capable of worshiping the one true God?", I'm going to say no.  They like bananas, I hear.

"Not so."

Right.  Also, man did not evolve from humans, because then that would mean that God was human.

Or… something.

"A shame."

Dr. Pepper stock drops.


Because I'm a Pepper!

(Wouldn't you like to be one, too?)


Your crazy with youre funny spelling, Amy!  I also like the idea that everyone is born a christian.  Does that include Jews?  Or are Jews like unicorns, mythological creatures who don't really exist?