Well, Damn

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Looks like my credientials are no good:

Obama acceptance speech moved indoors

By NBC's Mark Murray

First Read has confirmed that Democrats are moving their convention — including President Obama's acceptance speech — indoors for Thursday night at the Time Warner Cable Arena.

Thursday's events had originally been scheduled to take place at Bank of America Stadium, where the Carolina Panthers play football.

"Due to weather," an Obama campaign official says of the venue change.

And according to a press release, convention planners are specifically citing thunderstorms. 

 And I bought a new Obama shirt and everything.

Sad, but necessary, says Ed Gilgore:

I don't know if you've ever been in an outdoor sports arena when thunderstorms or high winds appeared, but it can be a scary experience. I was once at a Braves game at the old Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium on a hot summer evening when large clouds began collecting and then rotating directly over the field, and without any prompting from the umps, the players stopped and stared, along with all of us in the stands, at the sky, half-expecting a funnel cloud to drop right in. Turned out all we endured was a gully-washing rain, but it was alarming nonetheless.

So when Republicans offer their unsubstantiated claims that the weather is an excuse for cancelling a venue organizers might not have filled, keep in mind what would have happened had Democrats brought 75,000 people (or less, if the weather kept some people home or stuck in traffic) into a violent storm without shelter.

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