Head-Scratchingly Stupid

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I know, I know.  One should never pay attention to what Rush Limbaugh says.  

But just when you think he cannot get any more desparate and stupid in trying to explain Obama's popularity, he one-ups himself.

You see, the reason why Obama is viewed by the American public as being competent in foreign affair is…. because al Qaida is helping!

What if Ayman al-Zawahiri and other al-Qaida leaders gave up Osama Bin Laden for the express purpose  of making Obama look good? Giving Obama stature, political capital. Obama got Osama! I mean really, do you think al-Qaida depends on Osama Bin Laden any more, like it did?… So they give him him, they give away his location. We go in, SEAL Team 6, Obama puffs up… Keep him in power, furthers the cause… Do you think the militant Islamists will be as hopeful of getting rid of Israel with a Republican president or with a Democrat president? Just throwing it out there.

Wow.  al Qaeda coughed up bin Laden to make Barack Obama look good?  Really?  That's a Washington Monument size piece of shit-stupid.