GOP Theme Fail

Ken AshfordElection 2012Leave a Comment

It's fine if the Republicans want to have a "We DID Build It" Day at their convention, but it looks really stupid, seeing as:

(1)  They are holding their convention in an arena funded by public (taxpayer) money

(2)  On standby are thousands of local, state, and federal officials all ready to rescue the Republicans in the event of a hurricane; and

(3)  This:

On the day that the GOP convention will tout Fox-fueled myth "We Built It" as its primary theme, Delaware Lt. Gov. candidate and small business owner Sher Valenzuela is slated to deliver a speech about small business issues. But contrary to the evening's theme, Valenzuela's company, First State Manufacturing, has received millions of dollars in federal loans and contracts. Valenzuela has not only attributed her success in part to this outside assistance, but urged other small business owners to follow the same strategy of seeking government funds.

Obama's whole point when he said the "You didn't build that" line was that successful businesses have always relied on the government for the roads and bridges and protection from hurricanes and fires that make the business successful.

The GOP event proves this point, not disproves it.