Why Is Today Like No Other Day

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Because this happened 55 years ago today:


The Quarry Men skiffle group played, fronted by a guy named John Lennon.


And another guy showed up to hear him.  That other guy was Paul McCartney.

I remember coming into the fete and seeing all the sideshows. And also hearing all this great music wafting in from this little Tannoy system. It was John and the band. 

I remember I was amazed and thought, 'Oh great', because I was obviously into the music. I remember John singing a song called Come Go With Me. He'd heard it on the radio. He didn't really know the verses, but he knew the chorus. The rest he just made up himself.

I just thought, 'Well, he looks good, he's singing well and he seems like a great lead singer to me.' Of course, he had his glasses off, so he really looked suave. I remember John was good. He was really the only outstanding member, all the rest kind of slipped away.

— Paul McCartney

And the rest is history….