Stupidest “You Didn’t Build That” Piling On

Ken AshfordElection 2012Leave a Comment

It comes from Governor Scott Walker:

There are dozens of ways in which this is a peculiar thing to say.  I would note that if you have to go back to the BIBLE to find evidence contrary to what Obama said (or actually, didn't say), maybe it's best to shut your mouth.

Of course, Noah didn't build the ark.  In fact, no such ark was built… making Scott Walker's counter-example especially stupid.

Wait, what?

An ark WAS built?  Hmmmmm:

Facing a rising tide of joblessness, the governor of Kentucky has found one solution: build an ark.

The state has promised generous tax incentives to a group of entrepreneurs who plan to construct a full-size replica of Noah’s ark, load it with animals and actors, and make it the centerpiece of a Bible-based tourist attraction called Ark Encounter.

See?!?  The ark DIDN'T get built without government help!!