Blame Game

Ken AshfordCrime, Right Wing and Inept Media1 Comment

The rightwing went ballistic this morning because Brian Ross on ABC News cited unconfirmed reports (he pointed out that they were "unconfirmed") that James Holmes, the Aurora Colorado "Dark Knight" gunman, was a member of the Tea Party.  It turns out those reports were wrong, and ABC retracted the unconfirmed report.

But it was too late.  "They're blaming us!" screamed the right blogosphere, demonstrating to the world once again that they are the real victims, no matter who gets shot.

But even that wasn't enough for those at, who decided it was time to pin the tragic mass shooting on the left.  So they reported that Holmes was a registered Democrat, contrary to the erroneous ABC News report.

Hilarity ensued when Brietbart had to backtrack, doing exactly the same thing it had condemned — mere hours earlier — ABC News for doing.  And now we have the classic screenshot (h/t Tbogg) to accompany this whole story:


Notice how couldn't quite admit that they couldn't confirm he was a Democrat.  All they retracted was the "registered" part, leaving the tempting carrot that the shooter was a Democrat, just not a registered one.  "Please oh please oh please, let it be true", the right blogosphere whispered under its collective breath.

I'm not sure what this is all about.  Even if he was a Democrat, so what?  Does this mean that all Democrats are gun nuts?  I don't think so.