Young Mitt

Ken AshfordElection 20121 Comment

After looking at these 50 photos of a young Mitt Romney, and keeping in mind that he was a "prankster" who liked to pin down and cut the hair of gay students (what we call "bullying" today), I have come to the conclusion that Romney was a sniveling kid born to privilege, who sneered at the middle class, and a basic all-around jerk.  And family man.

Here is Mitt at an anti-draft march.  He's not opposed to the draft — he's there in support of the draft.  What we now know: Through the influence of his father and other Mormon church officials, Mitt and other Mormons were exempted from the draft while they did missionary work (no other religion was given this exemption for missionaries).

So basically, during the Vietnam War, Mitt was counter-protesting for the draft knowing that it would never be applied to him.

Seriously douche-y.