Quote Of The Day And Maybe The Dumbest Thing Ever Said

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So "Joe the Plumber", who is neither named Joe (his name is Samuel Wurzelbacher), nor an actual plumber, is running for Congress in the Ohio 9th District.

He made some wave (well, laughs) a few days ago when he came out with a campaign ad whoing him shooting vegetables and tauting his Second Amendment rights, saying that Hitler disarmed the Jews, and that's why the Holocaust happened.

Yesterday he went on the Christian Broadcast Network:

How 'Joe the Plumber Became Joe the Bible Believing Christian'.

Wurzelbacher explained how his pastor, who seems to believe that faith and science are incompatible, noted that while science textbooks have several new editions, the Bible has never been revised. ''Revision Seven.' He said, 'now look at the Bible, what does it say'? I said, 'Holy Bible.' He said, 'see any revisions on it Joe'? I said, 'no.' He said, 'the reason why is because this is God's word…man's always looking for an answer, that's why it's revised.''

Yes.  The Bible has never been revised.