Obama Ahead Of The Immigration Curve

Ken AshfordElection 2012, Immigration and XenophobiaLeave a Comment

Last week, Obama announced an amnesty of sorts (although he took pains not to call it that) when it comes to immigration.  Essentially, he made an executive decision (one he can make without Congress) not to go after "illegal" aliens who came to this country at a very young age, and have stayed here, grown up, paid taxes, served in the military, etc.

It's a sound, makes-sense proposal.  So naturally, Republicans are against it.

But lookie here. Three years ago, shortly after President Obama took office, fully 50 percent of Americans believed that the number of immigrants entering the United States needed to be reduced. Since then, support for more restrictive immigration policies spiraled downward, and is now at its lowest point since the Gallup polling firm started asking this question in 1965:

Obama is being smart about this.