Beware The “Pulitzer Prize Nominee” Crap

Ken AshfordRight Wing and Inept MediaLeave a Comment

When a journalist or writer touts in his biography or book jacket cover that he/she is a "Pulitzer Prize Nominee", a warning bell should go off in your head.

What they probably mean is that there name was submitted to the Pulitzer Prize board by their publisher or employer.  What does it take to do that?  Filling out a form and sending in $50.  I could be a Pulitzer Prize nominee, just by spending the required money.

It's true that the Pulitzer does have actual nominees (as opposed to submissions), but those nominees are chose by the Pulitzer Board, and there are only two or three of them per category.  By contrast, there are probably thousands of submissions in each category, but those are not "nominees".

Conservatives like Jonah Goldberg have been busted for this lie, a lie condemned by the Pulitzer Commitee.  Fox News "journalists" have also been busted.

And when you think about it… if a journalist can't tell the truth about his own resume, how much of a stickler for accuracy can his or her reporting be?