The Crazy Conservatives On The Supreme Court Have No Sense Whatsoever

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Okay.  Imagine this.

You are a 35 year old man.  One March day, you are a passenger in your family's SUV.  Your pregnant wife is driving, and your 4-year-old son is in the back seat.  You are driving to a Sunday dinner.

Suddenly, you're stopped by a New Jersey state trooper.  Since you are the vehicle's registered owner, the officer runs your identification and discovers a bench warrant for an outstanding fine.  But you have already paid the fine.  In fact, you have a letter attesting to that fact, since you have been stopped on several previous occasions.

Nevertheless, you are handcuffed and arrested and taken to the county jail.  Once there, you are subjected to an invasive strip and visual body-cavity search.  You're told to wash with disgusting soap, and them turn around, lift your genitals, squat, etc.  

Then, after six days in the county lockup, you are transferred to a Newark correctional facility, where you are subjected to another more intrusive search before being placed in the general prison population.  Fortunately, you are freed the next day, when a magistrate confirms what you have been saying all along — that you had already paid the damn fine.

So now your ordeal is over, and you are understandably pissed.  You sue the state for the invasive and embarassing strip searches.  Think you'll get justice?

The 5-4 divided court found two county prisons "struck a reasonable balance between inmate privacy and the needs of the (correctional) institution."

The conservative majority concluded a "reasonable suspicion" standard could be applied when conducting examinations of newly admitted prisoners.

That's refering to today's decision out of the United States Supreme Court.  The majority was the usual suspects — Alito, Roberts, Scalia, and Thomas — with Kennedy swinging (as he is prone to do) to the right to complete the majority.

I swear, if these five stay on the court longer, this country is going to go back to the stone age.