Romney Thinks You Are Stupid Part VIII

Ken AshfordElection 2012Leave a Comment

Romney says Obama has “spent too much time at Harvard, perhaps.”

I see.

Obama spent three years at Harvard Law School.

On the other hand, Mitt Romney, privileged child of a prominent American politician, attended Harvard University for four years to pick up two professional degrees, in law and business, before heading into the cowardly, privileged adult-child’s fake professions of management consulting and private equity.

Three of Mitt Romney’s five privileged sons have Harvard degrees.

Nearly all of his top advisers either went to Harvard or currently teach there. The very reason Mitt Romney’s “home state” is Massachusetts is because he moved there to attend Harvard, and Harvard people would eventually make up his political donor base.

America has never seen a major politician more closely associated with Harvard University than Mitt Romney. This is the only truly remarkable achievement of his life.

But this seems to be part of a strategy.  Call it the "accuse Obama of everything I can get accused of" strategy.  Romney's doing it a lot lately.  Like this, as noted in an AP story story about a speech Romney gave to newspaper editors:

Romney made news Wednesday by accusing Obama of abandoning 2008 campaign promises for political expediency once in office. It was an unexpected assault by the candidate who is himself under fire in his own party for the ease with which he has changed positions to appeal to the ultra-conservative Republican base.

Romney calling out Obama on changing his views for political expediency?  Really?!?