The Limbaugh Tally

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So, it looks like 12 advertisers have pulled their ads. [UPDATE:  It's twenty, actually, according to Think Progress; UPDATE @ 12:30pm: Twenty-four.]

Plus two radio stations.

And if you saw the clip of Limbaugh's explanation of his (non)apology, you may have noticed that Limbaugh uses Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer" as intro music.  Even THAT has been pulled (at Gabriel's insistance).

Incidentally, one of Rush's biggest advertisers was Carbonite, the lock makers online data backup service [h/t, Brett].   They have been with him for over ten years.  Why did they pull heir ads?  The CEO has daughters the same age as Fluke, and was disgusted.

Did Limbaugh think that was a possiblility?  No, because he has talent on loan from God.

More like scruples on loan from snail slime.