Stupor Tuesday

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So Mitt Romney squeaked out 6 of 10 states in a not-so-super Tuesday last night, which isn't saying much since one of those states was his home state of Massachusetts, another of those states is neighboring Vermont, and another of those states was one where Rich Santorum and Newt Gingrich weren't even on the ballot (Virginia).  What can be said of the other 3 states Romney won?  Well, he never cleared 40% in any of them, except Idaho.

That's not very front-runnery.

Of course, the big states that all eyes were on were Ohio and Tennessee (it was pretty much understood that Gingrich would take Georgia, and he did quite easily).  Santorum beat Romney by 9 points in Tennessee, and Romney beat Santorum by less than 1 point in Ohio.

So what's the takeaway from last night?

Well, it NOT that this still reimains a close contest (although it is).  It's this: the incredibly low turnout throughout the country.  This isn't like the Obama-Clinton contest of 2008; this is like a race to the bottom that even Republicans can't stand.  Romney's unpopularity simply isn't going away; yet, Republicans can't find anyone to replace him.

How low was the turnout?  Consider this: Obama got more votes in Ohio than Romney.  That's surprising because in an uncontested race (Obama is virtually uncontested as the Democratic nominee), most people don't even bother to vote.   True, they may have turned out for local and down-ticket contests, but then again, so would have Republicans.

Except Republicans didn't.  They are discouraged this year.  That's the takeaway.

Other Super Tuesday news:

* Dennis Kucinich has lost his seat in Congress. The man is everybody's favorite hard-core lefty, almost impossible to dislike, and with a political career that sometimes defied belief.  He was a vegan ventriloquist whose policy positions included legalizing drugs and lowering the drinking age, and he had a hot babe for a wife.  He lost the Democratic nomination for the seat last night in part because of congressional redistricting.  He lost to a female veteran, Marcy Kaptur.

*  In the same district, Joe the Plumber won the nomination for the GOP.  Kaptur is expected to kick his ass.