An Anthem For Trayvon

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The good news coming out today is that the case against Zimmerman is going to a Florida Grand Jury… AND that the United States Civil Rights Division is looking into the matter.

I understand the anger that Zimmerman wasn't arrested on the spot, and that his preposterous story of self-defense (that he was attacked by a black kid armed with… Skittles?) was taken as gospel by the Florida police.  But it really looks like the guy's days are numbered, and there will be justice for Trayvon.


UPDATE:  By the way, this story is getting a lot of coverage by the national media.  Well, most of it.  The folks at Think Progress helpfully added up how many segments the cable networks have so far devoted to the circumstances surrounding Trayvon Martin’s death.

CNN: 41
Fox: 1

(1). One. Oooonnnnnne. To be clear. Again: 1.