New Hampshire Legislator”s Contribution To The Contraception Debate

Ken AshfordWomen's Issues1 Comment

Leave it to my home state of New Hampshire to take a comical controversial topic and make it absurd.  

Enter New Hampshire's Representative Jeanine Notter (R-Merrimack).  Rep. Notter sits on the State-Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs Committee, which heard public testimony yesterday on late-entry House Resolution 29, urging the United States Department of Health and Human Services to rescind its rule requiring health plans to cover preventative services for women such as contraceptives.

What was Ms. Notter's contribution to the discussion?

She told committee members today that health plans shouldn't cover birth control because… wait for it… the pill causes prostate cancer.


“As a man, would it interest you to know that Dr. Bernstein just published an article that links the pill to prostate cancer?” Notter asked Rep. Andrew Manuse, R-Derry, who was testifying at the hearing.

“In the children that are born from these women?” a confused Manuse asked.

Notter then offered to lend Manuse a copy of the study before telling him that she is against putting chemicals in her body and trying to explain her claim. The end of her explanation was that women take the pill and the chemical is in their body, but the end of her sentence about how it affects men is mostly unintelligible from the video.