Dear Senator Baumgartner

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Sen. Michael Baumgartner
Washington State Senate
Candidate for US Senate

Dear Sen. Baumgartner,

It's so nice to know there is at least one politician out there who speaks the truth.  So many times, it just seems like our elected officials have no clue about things.  Thankfully, you are not one of them.  

I am speaking, of course, about the other day when you stated so truthfully that U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell is "not qualified to talk on the issue [availability of contraceptives] because she isn't married."

Here, here.

What level of chutzpah must an unmarried woman possess, to think that she can opine on things like female contraception.  Unmarried women, as we all know, just don't understand these things (unlike virile white dudes like you and me).  Such single women are ignorant about their hoohahs and dingy-whitsis.  Only when God has sanctified their union to a man are they ready to be informed how contraception kills babies, thereby destroying the only reason why women exist in the first place.  

Obviously, the ringless Ms Cantwell has not seen the day when her superior husband sits her down and patiently explains the facts of life to her.  And by the way, if she keeps acting like this, what man will ever want her?

Keep up the good work.