It’s Over For Newt

Ken AshfordElection 2012Leave a Comment

Tomorrow will make it official, but it's curtains for Newt.  Every available bit of polling data shows a strong trend in favor of Mitt Romney in the Florida. Nate Silver’s fairly conservative projections now indicate a 13-point win for Romney.

The inevitable end to Newt's campaign was also spelled out symbolically when he picked up the endorsements of Herman Cain and Sarah Palin.  ' Nuff said.

Not that he's going to go away.  No, sir.  That's not how Newt rolls.  But some aren't sure:

The most amusing meme of the weekend was the spate of stories questioning exactly how angry or crazy Newt actually is, given his predictable promise to stay in the race for months and months. I dunno: he has a long history of saying irresponsible things and then turning to the nearest observer—often one of the “liberal media” people he has just attacked—to ask how well he pulled it off. He easily could vow to plunge the Republican Party to the bottom of hell before giving up—and then the next minute endorse Mitt and head off with Callista for another Mediterranean cruise.

Obviously, the longer Newt stays in nipping at the heels of Romney, the better it is for Obama.  But I suspect this won't happen.  He's gone just after Super Tuesday, if I had to guess.