Obama’s Kids Are Eating Asian Food; Conservatives Eat Red Meat

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The two Obama daughters attend Sidwell Friends School, and if you mosey on over to the school website today, you'll see that the upper and middle schools have the following for school lunch today:

Asian Mushroom Soup
Oriental Noodle Salad
Classic Spinach Salad
Teriyaki Marinated Chicken Strips
Szechuan Tofu & Veggies
Garlic Roasted Edamame
Vegetable Fried Rice
Fortune Cookies

[Emphasis mine]

OMGF!  To the Outrage-mobile, conservatives!

That's right.  That means that the President's daughters are eating Asian food, which is synonymous with Japanese food (apparently)… on the 70th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day!  That's the day when the Japanese bombed America and we got dragged into World War II.

This therefore means that Obama hates America, and sides with the Axis (Japan, Germany, and Italy)!  We knew it all along!

Seriously, you have to ask yourself — what conservative nutbag checks out these things (i.e., the school menu of Obama's daughters) in the first place?