Jesus Wept

Ken AshfordGodstuffLeave a Comment

Here is footage of a fight among Christians.  It involves two rival Christian groups — Orthodox clerics versus Armenian clerics.

That makes it interesting enough, but there's a lot more.

They are fighting with brooms.  Why?  Because they were cleaning up when the fight broke out.

And what were they cleaning?  The Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem.

That's right… a bunch of Christians starting beating up on each other in the very place where Christ was born.  The church is cleaned after the Christmas celebrations (as celebrated by most Christians) and before the first week in January (when Christ's birth is celebrated by those who follow the Julian calendar). Apparently, according to news reports, this erupted over a dispute about "jurisdiction" inside the church.

The fight had to be broken up by — oh, how embarrassing — Muslim police.  (Well, Palestinian police, most of whom are Muslim)

Best part: look for the monk capturing the fight on his iPhone.