Herman Cain Reaches Out To Women

Ken AshfordElection 20121 Comment

It's rather obvious to point out that Herman Cain has a "woman problem", having apparently sexually harassed several of them, and carried on a "relationship" with one for 13 years behind his wife's back.

Oh, what is a campaign to do?

This, apparently:


The newest section of Herman Cain’s website, “Women for Cain.” It is chaired by his wife and features notes from from female supporters who praise Cain and criticizes his accusers as “vindictive,” “unstable,” “desperate for their five minutes of fame,” and “pathetic husbandless women.” 

And it's lavendar, because chicks dig lavendar.

"Women for Cain" is chaired by Herman's wife, Gloria Cain.  Herman is meeting with his wife this weekend to shore up support — her support — and it's even money he'll get it.  That alone is a bad sign. 

UPDATE:  Fun with graffics (wait for it)